water cooling system

OEM No. P661 200 36(41) 20
JWA No. WP-04-020
Engine Model  OM662 ENGINE

 Car Model   MUSSO TURBO
                  NEW KORANDO

water cooling system




Currently available water pump for Ssangyong Motors.



P661  200  31 (42)  20
P661  200  36 (41)  20

665  200  05  20

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1) Water Pumps built to beat the heat
Performance Series Water Pumps are designed 3nd built to combat engine overheating associated with higher performance and load applications.
High Performance Water Pumps feature a precision ground, heavy duty steel bearing that¡¯s completely sealed and lubed for life. A specially modified high performance impeller maintains maximum volumetric flow of coolant throughout the engine.
Additional features of Performance Series ' water Pumps are:
Increase pump pressure and flow
Eliminates steam pockets trapped
    inside the engine block
Reduces engine temperature faster than
    standard water pumps
Incredibly efficient, Built to survive.
Features every performance enthusiast can appreciate. The clear choice for true high performance water pumps.
2) Cooling System Overview
The radiator is responsible for transferal of heat from the circulating coolant to the air passing through it. Heated coolant flows into the top of the radiator from the engine. The coolant is passed through a series of tubes and fins that effectively dissipate the heat in the coolant
Radiator Cap
Modem radiator caps are actually pressure valves that are responsible for increasing and regulating pressure in the coolant system. Increasing the coolant system pressure raises the boiling point of the coolant. For every additional pound of atmospheric pressure the coolant boiling point increases 3 deg. F.
3) How to tell if a water pump is defective
1 .Check for shaft seal failure by carefully inspecting the water pump weep hole When a water pump is new. some seepage is normal in the initial hours of operation as the seal seats Other than that, any leakage that occurs is due to seal failure and the pump needs replacement. There may be tell tale trails of rust calcium and coolant deposits on the water pump housing with the weep hole as the origin.
2. Detect a worn water pump bearing by checking for side-to-side play at the shaft. There should be no perceptible play as you apply hand pressure to the shaft. Accelerated bearing wear is characterized by screeching or rumbling noses coming from the waiter pump housing. If any of these conditions exist, the bearing is worn out and the pump should be replaced
How to tell if a fan clutch is defective
1. Check for oil streaks (or dust collected on oil streaks) on the fan clutch It's a sure sign that the internal fluid that provides the clutch action is leaking.
2. To check for a worn bearing grasp the fan blade on either end. With the engine off and check for lateral movement, if there is more than 1/4¡± of side-to-side movement, the bearing is worn and the unit needs replacement.
3. In checking for proper fan clutch operation. first run the engine until operating temperature is reached. Next, with the engine off, give the fan blade a gentle spin If t rotates more than twee the clutch is worn and needs replacing. If fan rotation is rough or noisy, or the fan fails to turn, the unit is worn out and needs replacement.
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